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For the health sector:

Six steps to recruit the top talent in tech

healthcare sector recruitment

Technology adoption in healthcare has shifted from big “mainframe” systems to cloud-based computing. Specialist tech professionals play a crucial role in the required upgrades, implementations, and digital transformations.

The ever-evolving industry has demanded technological advancements in areas such as:

  • Electronic health records (EHR).
  • Interoperability and health information exchange (HIE).
  • Telehealth and remote monitoring.
  • Data analytics and predictive analytics.
  • Cybersecurity and data privacy.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for tasks such as medical image analysis, diagnosis support, and personalised treatment recommendations.
  • Integration with Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Regulatory compliance and security measures.
  • Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions (which encompass processes and activities such as recruitment, engagement, payroll, time and attendance, and performance management).
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions (integrates all the core processes of a business, including accounting, manufacturing, sales, and human resources).

Specialist areas such as database management and maintenance are essential components of telehealth that require advanced technical skill, as do the implementation of heightened data security and phishing/malware protection measures.

Network mapping and communication skill sets are more necessary than ever for securing data points between networks and clouds.

In other words, care in Australia is being reimagined and technology and innovation are very much at the forefront of this change.

Healthcare has the advantage

Healthcare organisations have an interesting competitive advantage when it comes to luring top tech talent away from other sectors. Workers tend to experience a heightened sense of purpose when their work is meaningful. This, in turn, improves their performance and commitment to the job.

Not many industries can claim to make more meaningful contributions to society, and working in healthcare provides employees with a real sense of value, satisfaction, and reward. This goes for everyone in the healthcare sphere, from those working directly with patients, people living in residential care, to the unheralded carers and professionals playing a critical support role behind the scenes.

Additionally, the current Australian government sees the care and support sector as a significant economic opportunity. There is no better time than now for IT professionals to transition into this sector.

What can the health sector do today to recruit top tech workers?

1. Emphasise impact and purpose

As mentioned above, highlight the positive impact IT professionals can have on patient care and healthcare outcomes. Emphasise the purpose-driven nature of working in this sector, showcasing how IT plays a crucial role in improving healthcare delivery, patient safety, and overall system efficiency.

Empower your tech team with a clear mission – clear organisational pathways outlining the vision and direction – and empower your team to take control and run with it!

2. Explain how working in healthcare offers lateral opportunities

From software development to data analysis and cybersecurity, there are numerous jobs available that tech careers in healthcare can open the doors to. Outline clear career paths and growth opportunities within your organisation. Provide professional development resources to support continuous learning and career progression. Consider implementing a mentorship program.

3. Boost the ancillary benefits of working with your company

Working for a healthcare organisation can offer various ancillary benefits in addition to the primary advantages of job stability and opportunities for career growth. Provide comprehensive health insurance plans which could include medical, dental, optical, and gym expenses. Generous superannuation and pension schemes allow IT talent to save faster for their retirement.

Flexible work arrangements and employee wellness programs are also huge considerations for tech talent when it comes to accepting a new job offer. The majority of employees find it enjoyable to come to the workplace a few days a week, allowing them to establish rapport and engage in collaborative work with their team. Whereas working from home on other days can significantly reduce travel time, improve productivity, and increase job satisfaction.

4. Promote technological innovation

Showcase your organisation’s commitment to technological advancement and innovation. Demonstrate ongoing investments in cutting-edge technologies, such as electronic health records (EHRs), telehealth, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and cybersecurity. Highlight opportunities for IT professionals to work on exciting and transformative projects.

5. Highlight transferable skills that apply to healthcare

IT roles in the healthcare sector require a unique combination of technical expertise and domain knowledge. However, tech professionals often have many soft skills after spending years in demanding, results-oriented roles. So, the likelihood is that many IT professionals will have valuable, transferable skills that they can bring with them from other sectors outside of healthcare. Some examples include problem-solving, analytical, communication, project management, customer service, adaptability, continuous learning, compliance, and regulation.

So, don’t write off a candidate if they haven’t had much previous experience in the healthcare space.

6. Foster a positive work culture

Cultivate a work environment that fosters creativity, planning, collaboration, and work-life balance. Emphasise a supportive and inclusive culture where diverse perspectives are valued. Recognise and reward employee achievements and provide opportunities for team-building activities and social events.

Wish to find out more?

It is virtually impossible to imagine a business today succeeding without a strong base of tech talent. As a specialist recruitment agency with a clear focus on IT and digital roles, we can help find the right skills your healthcare organisation needs today.

Contact luvo’s Talent Team to have a more detailed discussion. We will show you how we have helped many other healthcare companies in Australia deliver complex and innovative technology solutions.

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