Scaling a Tech Team

Our client needed to find a number of key hires for their growing Australian Engineering team.

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The challenge

Following a ground-breaking Australian Commonwealth Government-funded research project, Innowell was commissioned to explore how software could be used to improve mental health outcomes across the country. What followed was a platform providing a suite of research-validated digital tools for clinicians and workplaces. A platform to empower mental health and connect people to the support they need when they need it.

With the rapid growth in demand for technology-enabled mental health solutions, innovations and adaptations continue for both the platform and the Engineering team that builds it. Components of the platform are built on the .Net Framework, so the core skills required for the new roles needed to be balanced with an understanding of the organisation’s health-focused culture. To help them scale, Innowell needed a specialist IT recruitment company to find the best fit for the roles.

About Innowell

Industry: Health Tech
Company size: 21-50 employees
H/Q Location: NSW
Role types required:

Top 10 technical skills required

Client feedback

“We know how time-consuming finding new and skilled IT employees can be. With a need to scale our business, various technical roles were created, and we engaged luvo Talent to fill these positions.

We needed a recruiting partner who understood the complexities of our development projects and company vision so that they could find exactly the right fit. Now with the right people in place, we continue to grow and adapt to the growing need for mental health fitness and support.

Without a doubt, we would not have been able to scale our engineering team so quickly without the recruiting and onboarding support from Phil and the luvo team.”


Chief Technology Officer


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The solution

Initially luvo Talent was employed to fulfill one Developer role. Over time and as the partnership grew, luvo and Innowell identified the need for various technical roles to address growing project requirements.

luvo Talent’s thorough understanding of the business operations and culture enabled them to find suitable people who would be a good fit for the Innowell’s Engineering team.

The outcome

luvo’s niche focus and knowledge of the IT sector, enabled them to interview and shortlist several highly skilled and vetted individuals for the roles. All roles were filled within the specified time required despite the pandemic-induced tough labour market.

The expanded Engineering team now has the right people and breadth of skills to enable them to scale and build to meet customer demands.


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